Kosten senken Lower costs

  • Only a change-management system is required that includes all necessary functions for modern application development and distribution.
  • Automatic distribution of objects on any number of target systems via FTP, SNA, or tape.
  • Time-controlled installation on the target systems, so that also unattended installations can be performed.
  • Distribution of the data on the target system in any expansion areas, to achieve such a multi-tenancy for your application.
  • Unbeatably convenient pricing.

Zeit sparen Save time

  • Fast retrieval of objects of an application by Central Cross reference.
  • Automatic mapping of object authorizations.
  • Check-out and check-in features, so that objects in an individual development environment modified and tested can be.
  • Dependencies of objects are automatically detected and recompiled.
  • During installation on the target systems are automatically old objects archived, installed new objects and restore the data.
  • In the event of a failure, the change to the object via rollback is to reset.

Qualität steigern Increase quality

  • Comprehensive Setup for the worksheet so that the developer can individually modify and test objects.
  • Assignment of necessary objects on a worksheet. The worksheet is part of a specific task. The task is assigned to a project (project and task management).
  • Automatic search for sources to the object (cross reference table). Is also true, if you have multiple applications that are dependent on each other (interacting cross reference).
  • Creating commands with individual creation parameters, to generate objects according to fixed rules.
  • Installation of all related objects of a task in a form.
  • Individual deposit of lead or trailing commands during the installation.
  • Use of exit-point's during installation, to start your individual programs.
  • Error checking and warnings at the time of the installation with the possibility to respond in case of failure each object individually.
  • By access protection settings, changes are not possible outside of CMOne. Therefore make sure that all objects are created according to your company standards.
  • Full logging of all changes, therefore auditing requirements such as SOX, to comply with Basel II.


Project and task documentation, so that all your developments can be recorded in writing.


In the version CMOne NG is available at RDi or RDp modern editors such as LPEX and screen designers as well as the report designer available.


With the version CMOne NG you have a central development environment (IDE), the you in graphical form all CMOne provides functionalities to navigate.


Ready WDSC and RDi/RDp.PlugIn's are for both graphical development tools as the successor of the traditional green-screen environment PDM version CMOne next generation (NG) to download ready.