When it comes to the topic of upgrading your old 5250 application and logic under RPG further want to maintain your business, or whether new development of WEB 2.0 applications in the RPG program want to create, then are product of RPG OA (open access) with the IBM and UI of profound logic on the right side.

With the UI designer, create effective and future-proof your new rich-displays and continue to use your proven RPG program, add only the handler in the WORKSTN record and compile. Both the old 5250 data stream as also the newly created RPG OA programs spill over seamlessly, so that a change in a WEB 2.0 interface can be completely relaxed and without the tight time window.

The Task Torce IT-Consulting GmbH as a Profound Logic officially authorized integration partner accompanies software products in the German-speaking world on the way to a modern and future-proof world. We advise as a team, plan a smooth and short way to convert your existing old application, and can assist even after the migration in the incident still available. All these important features showing off the benefits of a good integration partner, or see it differently?

Task Force is profound integration partner

Alex Roytman the CEO of Profound Logic Software was visiting the Task Force in Dortmund in march 2016. We were honored as the most successful integration partner of Profound worldwide. We put a lot of time, manpower and personal energy into the best modernization suite for IBM I to be the proud owner of this title today. We celebrated within a small circle in our favorite restaurant Bella Italia. We will continue to improve our successful collaboration in the D-A-CH area.


Profound Logis User Seminar 2016

‚Boosting the next level‘ is the title of the event meant for all customers and partners that want to significantly improve their skill in using the Profound UI-Suite. Well renowned speakers hold lectures on modernization regarding best practices. Come and meet Scott Clement, Brian May and Alex Roytman in technical sessions presenting the total bandwidth of UI components. In just two days you will be able to increase your knowledge of Profound UI. Contact us if you want to join our technologie-trip to Ohio. Until September 12, 2016 you can buy the early bird group ticket for a reduced price.