X-Analysis, the Marketing Leader of grafical analyzing Toolset for IBM i Development gets integrated into Change Management System CMOne in RDi.

Another very important Feature for modern Development is added.

X-Analysis is a famous Product from Fresche Solutions.

Our application documentation solutions help you document, analyze, and describe systems in an easy-to-understand manner.

They can then be shared throughout the organization, even with members who do not understand RPG, COBOL, or any programming language at all.

This powerful Product Suite is offered from Task Force IT-Consulting GmbH in the German speaking Market (D-A-CH).

With Fresche View, the basic Version of X-Analysis, you get a hudge Opportunity to Analize all your Applications:


-Interactive graphical documentation

-Code understanding for non programmers

-Complete object documentation

-Trace the program stack processing via data flow diagram

-PSEUDO code for RPG

-Object dependencies

-Tracking of session variables through the entire application

-System documentation for audits and project planning

-Drill up/down capability per level of detail

-Navigation from point to point

-Relational database model of Environment

Watch this 3 minutes Video to see X-Analysis Features.